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Walt Whitman High School
Whittier Woods Auditorium
7100 Whittier Blvd, Bethesda, MD 20817

Friday and Saturday March 14 and 15
7:30 PM

Canned food donation for the Greentree Shelter for Children and Families
$5 (for Shakespeare Club/cost of production)


(And Hamlet's coming up on April 23)
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The WAUD, Padua, Verona, Bethesda, etc.
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bouncing off walls
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Kiss Me, Kate ;)
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Shakespeare Festival
"That's all there is; there isn't any more." 
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1. Tell you why I friended you
2. Associate you with a song/movie
3. Tell a random fact about you
4. Tell a first memory about you
5. Associate you with an animal or fruit
6. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you
7. In response, you MUST spread this disease in your LJ.

And, on a totally different note, I was making a character playlist this afternoon, a mix of period and modern music, and discovered that Mary (we named her that when we needed something to say in the wedding vows, in case I haven't mentioned it yet) would be a huge Evanescence fan if she were living now...  
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It Was a Lover and His Lass
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I actually don't know how it's ending yet.  So that should be interesting.  :)

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Suddenly have an urge to make all new userpics.  Don't know when I'll have time though.  [Edit.  One new one.  Can you find it?}

Shakespeare Competition...  we had the meeting today, now I just need to get the feeling back into that piece.  I haven't worked on it enough since December... not sure if that was because Dracula started or because that woman was kind of a pain about it. 
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Les Miz
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Why does Tranio have almost 300 lines?  (Katherine has a bit over 200.  Petruchio has just under 600.)  Why did I not know that Tranio has 300 lines?  How are these to be dealt with?  

So, the plan is an 90-minute to 2 hr (I want 2 hr but told them 90 minutes so it didn't seem like I was biting off way more than I could chew right off the bat, and also if I aim for 90 I will get 2 hrs, what with music and dance and moments and such) show for the school, and a 45 minute version for the Folger festival next year.  I am trying to preserve as much as possible in the longer one, and then there are/will be removable scenes (sorry Bianca and suitors, in large part you, although I suppose that a few Katherine and Petruchio bits can go) for the Folger version.  So, yesterday I killed a subplot for the Folger.  :(  

Lots of fun though.  I have pages and pages and pages of notes, and am finally starting to convert all the odd notecards and post-its to one journal.
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He asked me out to Titus Andronicus.  It is so awesome to find someone who is so on your wavelength that that works. 
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ecstatic ecstatic
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Can't say much about Dracula (come, everybody), but can say that I looooove my wedding dress (that is, in Dracula).  
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The movie Eragon has approximately 154 cliches.  

We counted. 

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Mediaeval Baebes
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Hey-- I need a monologue and a sonnet for a workshop I am doing soon, and I'm having trouble finding one of each that 
a) really resonates with me
b) I haven't done before, or at least not for this event
c) is twenty lines or less (for the monologue) or can be easily cut, and I'm not sure if the rules allow cutting and pasting or just ending early/beginning late
d) stands alone well
Male or female is fine.  


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Patsy Cline
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